Wetrading, investing in Bitcoin with weekly profits

WeTrading, Cryptominingroup reinvents itself with many more and better features. The best way to invest in Bitcoins. In our opinion, and after having tested many platforms and seen many others fall. If there is one we are sure about, it is WeTrading.

In July 2021 WeTrading’s trading account burned down and closed its operations.

Why Wetrading?

we trading

Transparency of the team and its operations

Transparency, the WeTrading team has always been forthcoming and has disclosed all the information that investors have requested. As long as this information does not compromise the security and stability of the platform.

Security of our investments

Security, if one thing this platform has proven is that our capital is in safe hands and in all the time it has been working no one has ever lost capital by hacking, phishing or any other method. Furthermore, the funds are safe in the broker’s liquidity providers, so that even if the website were hacked, it would not be possible to access them.

It should also be noted that every withdrawal involves a process, and the investor can cancel it or notify support if any anomaly is observed.

Company honesty and responsiveness

Honesty, I have not seen until now, and I have been in the investment world for quite some time, and I have lost on some platforms, a company that offers to cover the losses caused by the operation.

WeTrading has done so with 18% of all the capital invested, for those investors, including myself, who have bet on the platform and believe in its good work.

Innovation and I+D

Innovation in both the platform and the bots. If it is true that at the moment the platform has opted to use more professional bots with much more experience in the markets, they are still working on their own bots to incorporate them into their operations in the future.

I have never seen such a lively platform that adapts to the needs of users and investors.

In fact, the new WeTrading platform is a qualitative and quantitative leap compared to what we had in Crypto Mining Group. A team of developers that always listens and offers improvements within the possibilities of the company and the platform.

Bitcoin and BTC only

bitcoin wetrading

The platform always works with Bitcoin, at no time is it changed; so that the investor, apart from receiving his profit every week in BTC, can also see its value increase against the dollar or euro.

At WeTrading you will always have Bitcoins and you don’t have to worry about exchanging them for another currency.

Recoupable investments, sustainable profit system and circle of friendship

Many platforms fail because they try to offer fixed or much higher profits than can be generated with the normal operation of the company.

This is not how it works here at WeTrading. The profits that are distributed are always those generated by trading. This means that the investors’ capital is never touched.

Even the Circle of Friendship is very well studied, profits will only be distributed if the operation of that week has been positive.

And last but not least, investments here are not sunk. On the contrary, after the 90 days of blocking, the investor can decide to withdraw his capital, part of it or leave it generating more profits, but without blocking. In other words, he can withdraw it at any time he chooses.

The Wetrading company

logo wetrading

WeTrading as a company has been operating for more than 3 years, but it has been able to adapt to the needs and changes that are sometimes abrupt and sometimes necessary to be in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Therefore, now the company is registered in Delaware (USA) under the name FINANCIAL GLOBAL NETWORK LLC, its registration number is 5474651, all data can be consulted on the website of the State of Delaware.

The change is also something natural caused by the needs and changes suffered by the previous headquarters in the UK, a country at the moment, less friendly to everything related to cryptocurrencies.

What does Wetrading offer?

A cooperative investment platform for Forex trading. A pool where anyone can invest in the forex market with a minimum investment of 0.005 BTC. Something unthinkable for most people who are not involved in finance or who do not have a large purchasing power.

The Forex market may seem accessible to everyone, there are many platforms that offer you free accounts and possibilities to invest, but the reality is quite different. If you do not have a large amount of capital invested, in 99% of cases these investment accounts end up being burned by some sudden market movement.

At WeTrading, they offer the possibility of being part of a large pool, and as an investor you will always obtain profits as a percentage of the invested capital. There is strength in numbers, and in this business it is more than proven.

Moreover, WeTrading is one of the few, if not the only platform that has managed to perfectly combine the two worlds of FIAT with Forex trading and cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin.

More Security

From mid-May it will be mandatory to pass a KYC, very simple, but that will make the platform a safer place, on the one hand because the legislation requires it. On the other hand, because investors will be able to prove that they have their capital invested and they or any person representing them will be able to recover it at any time.

KYC only requires an identity card or passport on both sides, a selfie and a few facial movements in front of the camera. It takes about 3 to 4 minutes to pass and results are usually given in 20 to 30 minutes, sometimes even sooner.

A very easy way to register and participate

how to participate

As you can see in the image, the steps are very simple:

Register for free on the platform.
Make a deposit of 0.005 BTC and create your first investment.
From the following week you will start to generate profits with your investment.
If you want, it is not mandatory, you can invite other people, and start creating your friendship circle.
And you will also start earning from your referrals every week.

WeTrading returns and profits

returns and profits wetrading

In the image above you can see the profit distribution as well as the profitability and profit sharing features.

  • The user or investors take 70% of the profits generated by their capital each week. Directly to their Available Balance or reinvested if they wish.
  • There is a 16% profit that is distributed among the whole circle of friends.
  • And the company keeps 14% of the weekly profit to maintain the platform, pay for servers, team salaries.
  • The company is trying to make a monthly profit of between 6% and 8%. But these are not exact figures, as Forex trading depends at all times on the market and the trades that are closed.
  • Investors can activate compound interest, which allows them to increase their capital week after week and thus participate in the pool with more and more investment.

Wetrading Friendship Circle

The company has also wanted to reward those who network, and understands that this is a way for the pool and the platform to grow organically, thanks to the recommendations and work of investors.

But always in a sustainable way, so it is stressed that there are only profits if the operation of the week has generated them.

Nobody earns by inviting people, but by the profits of the capital invested by its affiliates.


WeTrading memberships only offer certain benefits to those who decide to become Premium. It is not mandatory, and in fact just by registering for free you already have everything you need as an investor.

Only if you want to expand your Friendship Circle or withdraw every week with a 50% commission discount, you are rewarded by activating the Premium membership. That’s just $15 in CMGCoin, the currency of WeTrading.

CMGCoin is the currency of Wetrading


A project that was born several years ago and still remains as another way to generate income with this company.

CMG is always evolving and in fact we will soon know new methods of earning with CMGCoin.

At the moment it is used to pay the premium membership within the platform and can be found in some exchanges such as: p2pb2b.io.

A real team behind Wetrading

Another thing that makes them transparent and real is that they show their faces, and you can check their real profiles. Besides, every week they do 1 or 2 live zooms with the team.

And on Telegram you can consult them directly.

From the CEO, to the COO and CCO, and of course a great team of developers. Each and every one of them are very close and at all times are available to resolve doubts and questions from all investors.


A Bitcoin investment platform that offers profits in BTC and with a track record of more than 3 years working to improve and adapt to the needs of investors.

My experience, in these 8 months that I have been with WeTrading (Cryptominingroup) and almost two years knowing the company is very positive, at all times they have given their face and have always put the benefit and security of their investors first.

In fact, even a month ago with a major trading loss, they were able to recover in just a few days and provide a solution, never seen before, to cover the loss on the part of the company. That for me is definitely enough to trust WeTrading.

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