STEX exchange

Thanks to MAR, Mchain’s currency I have known STEX exchange and I like very much the way it is traded here and the information it provides about open trades, order history. All in one window and easy to access and visualize.

stex exchange

It is also a very successful exchange, in fact it has a daily volume above 3000 BTC.

I have found a lot of interesting currencies to trade with. Either to do some scalping or to buy coins to earn in the medium and long term.

How to work with STEX exchange

Free STEX registration

The first thing you’ll have to do is register, if you haven’t done it yet, here you can do it for free.

What currency do you want to buy and in which pair?

Once you have registered you have to decide which currency pair you want to start trading with. You have many pairs to choose from: BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT, USD, EUR, RUB, NXT, ISC.

As you can see you have many possibilities to trade, even with dollars, rubles or euros.

But you have to keep in mind the crypto currencies you want to buy. Because not all of them are in pairs.

So you have to check if the token or currency is in the pair you want to deposit your money into.

For example if your intention is to buy MAR the currency of Mchain, you only have available the BTC pair.

Now that you know which pair you are going to use, you will have to recharge your wallet.

Enter your crypto currency or FIAT currency in your STEX wallet

You need some balance to be able to make trading operations.

stex exchange deposit

Select your deposit currency and a unique wallet will be generated for you.

Once you have entered STEX exchange, you will have to wait a reasonable amount of time, depending on the currency. Each currency requires a different number of confirmations.

When you have the currency you sent available, it will appear below the amount. And if you make a trade and it remains pending, it will appear under orders (i.e., it’s in your balance, but you can’t do anything about it, until the trade is finished or you cancel it).

stex exchange balance

Something like this.

Trading in STEX

You have two options when trading with this exchange, on the one hand the advanced trade and on the other the basic one. If you have clear what you want to do, you go directly to buy a currency, with the basic you have more than enough.

If you want to study a little more the graphs, you will need the advanced. Both are easy to handle once you locate where everything is.

STEX exchange at a glance

It is an exchange that is working very well, with many possibilities when it comes to working with an infinite number of pairs.

Easy to deposit or remove crypto coins.

With average market prices, we know that there is a difference between the different exchanges, I have not found any very pronounced gap with respect to the prices of others.

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