ONIX TECH GROUP, sustainable passive income over time

If you have come this far, you are a person interested in the world of investments. And if you have some experience, you will know that there are two fundamental factors that interest those of us who have already come a long way. One is the ability to generate profits in a sustained way over time. And another is the ability to keep going over time. Precisely focused on these two fundamental aspects we have today’s proposal: OnixTechGroup.

What is Onix Tech Group?

onix tech group

Onix Tech Group is a software company that has developed its OWN trading bot – the OnixBot 2.0 – for the Forex market that performs automatic trading operations. Both the company and its flagship product – Low Risk Invest – have just recently been launched on the market, although testing and development have been going on for more than a year.

Company number: 13142843

Fundamental characteristics of the investment with Onix Tech Group

Obtaining profits, and that these are constant over time is what all of us in this world of investment and passive income seek. Aware of this, Onix Tech Group have focused the development of their trading robot on precisely that, in which the benefits are sustainable over time.

For this development, the investment robot was tested during all the months of the COVID-19 pandemic and confinement, which also turned out to be a good training ground, since the markets moved a lot. In addition, simulations have been carried out with the Forex price data from the last 5 years. In all cases, the robot demonstrated that it was capable of closing successful operations, increasing the capital and without greatly compromising the account balance.

The second key point, what investors value the most, is safety. Investors want the company that manages our investments to be clear and open when it comes to sharing information. Another of the foundational pillars of Onix Tech Group is transparency, and they demonstrate this with facts, such as the existence of an audited account where we can follow the real operations that the company is doing, as well as the accumulated profitability.

Investments with Onix Tech Group

We currently have the “Low Risk” investment plan available on the platform, whose characteristics (based on the development of the Onix Bot 2.0) are:

  • Sustainable earnings in time that usually oscillate between 2% and 5% per month. It may seem small when compared to other investment companies. But precisely they want to get away from the frequent scams and ponzis with a real product, with real benefits and transparent management.
  • Minimum investment period of 180 days.
  • Minimum investment of 100 USD. The investment is made in dollars, despite the fact that the payment is made in BTC, with this protection of the investment is achieved against the fluctuations of the price of BTC in the market. After 180 days we will have in our portfolio the initial profits in USD (plus the profits, of course), regardless of the price of the BTC.
  • 2% withdrawal commission always.
  • Weekly payment system benefits.
  • The distribution of benefits, clear from the beginning:
    • 70% for the investor.
    • 10% for the referral program.
    • 20% for platform maintenance expenses.

The operation with Onix Tech Group

For greater system clarity and better use of resources, user operations are carried out on the weekend. While on the daily days it is the trading robot that works. During the weekend we can make new investments, withdraw our profits (as long as they exceed 15 USD) or recover the invested capital (after 180 days).

To facilitate operations, Onix Tech Group offers us a very interesting feature: free balance transfers between users of the platform. This is especially interesting when we are investing in equipment, since we can reach the minimum 15 USD more easily and make withdrawals more frequently.

Affiliate system (RESIDUAL BONUS)

Onix offers a 3-tier affiliate system. Why 3 levels and not 6 or 8 like other investment companies? Once again sustainability is the answer. The aim is for the system to be profitable for all parties, without exhausting resources and without seeking deception.

10% distribution as of the benefits to the referral system:

  • 5% at the first level.
  • 3% at the second level.
  • 2% at the third level.

*More levels in the very near future.

Other of the great advantages that Onix Tech Group offers us when it comes to investing, is that it is not necessary to have an active investment to be able to access the affiliate system. Therefore, if at the moment you do not have the minimum balance available, you can start working with your affiliate network and you will also receive the benefits obtained.

The other great advantage is that the platform is currently being launched, so there is a lot of potential market to develop with the affiliation.


If you are looking for a sustainable and transparent investment service that can provide you with an interesting return over time, it is highly recommended that you consider the possibility of Onix Tech Group.

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