MAR the coin of the blockchain Mchain in 3 exchanges

MAR has become the object of desire. This modest cryptocurrencies that arises in Marbella through Mchain, continues to reap success.


Partly because of the whole project that Mchain represents and all the proposals that are going to appear in the coming months.

Two weeks ago MAR was between 350 and 400 satoshis. After growing its international community in Telegram over 2000 users (already this week in 3000) and Brazil over 500.

And of an advertising campaign in blogs related to cryptomonedas through Cryptonimus, its price skyrocketed, reaching 1200 satoshis at some point. Little by little it fell back to between 700 and 900 satoshis, a 75% profit in a few days.

At this time entered many purchase orders that have made the MAR market much animated and start other exchanges to be interested in listing this cryptocurrencies.

The last to appear in FinexBox, an exchange located in the Seychelles. But he has been trading for some time now in STEX exchanges where he moves a lot of volume and in CREX24 where he also moves a lot of SEA amounts daily.

Why so much interest in MAR?

The answer is simple, a new project, with many fundamentals and possibilities. That offers mining PoS, only by stakear you get great profits, it is calculated that in only 40 days approximately you have recovered the investment only keeping the MAR in your desktop wallet.

In addition there is only a little more than 4% of the total supply in circulation. And its supply is quite low compared to many other currencies and tokens, which makes its value rise every time. Unlike most tokens that appear in an exchange after an ICO or its launch that usually hit bottom. In the case of MAR it’s the other way around, it doesn’t stop growing in volume and price.

In addition the developers of Mchain are very active and do not stop closing agreements and collaborations, as the one of 4Stake where any investor by very small amount of MAR that has can put them to stake in their pool and also to obtain benefits.

And the best is yet to come, they are already testing several applications that will give a big boost to the blockchain and of course, MAR which is their gas, will be strengthened.

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