DragonEX exchange most of the information I found this hard to understand translated also I talked about this in another post. Airdrop tokens in DragonEX is a singapore-based crypto initiate a trading and mining model.


DragonEX users

With a holding sharing feature being well known for its strategy in 30,000 extremely active community members. Has over 210,000 more than thirty two different countries. The global Operation Center of DragonEX launch June 2018 along. With a DragonEX Institute which is dedicated to incubating quality projects are they looking to publicize blockchain knowledge.

And project information tracking a established DragonEX Academy in September 2018 they are focused on specializing in lectures with project Partners. Most user-friendly currency exchanges DragonEX launch Global operations center in Thailand so they have a 6500 square foot office in Thailand, U.S.A., India, China.

Since launch change divisions in countries that support the development of our they obviously followed International standards they’re looking to set up service centers in North America, Belarus, and Malta.

DragonEX support

So they can 24/7 support for global users also they’ve got an easy-to-use platform options new app built in Telegram system you can download telegram. Which helps users participate in the online community with just one. DragonEX exchange DT token it’s a cryptocurrency token based on here. Dragon token store on the platform how to share dividend earn from projects. Every Dragon token stored on Dragon right to share dividends earned from projects. I can tokens never had an ICO and there was no pre mine Dragon tokens can only be obtained through mining method of mining. Is exchange on DragonEX the total issuance of dragon token is limited to just over 37 million tokens.

So it’s based on smart contracts so they’re going to issue V 1200. Cycle issue 50% less than the previous cycle. And got a pretty fair distribution model is tracking that shares 100% of its earnings to all Dragon token holders every day. They’re going to is your account balance USDT the next day these exchange tokens on big on them and we’ll talk a little bit about the the price action this token is performed really well.

DragonEX on CoinMarketCap


While lot of these coins dragon token actually increased over the same. Of time turn on CoinMarketCap you can see their ranks 2051.

So it’s not the biggest coin obviously it’s a new coin you can see down here. I’m a numbers guy want to see these charts so are you got fifteen thousand valuation about a month ago now you looking at close to 23000.

2% increase in price this is the exchange trading platform how it set up so you got four subheadings over here USDT most of your training pairs or USDT cerium is. Also quite as you probably the second number of trading pairs is Ethereum trading pairs.

Obviously they’re looking to move to a Central now DC you can actually the value dragon coin Dragon axe. Is going to upgrade its platform and service of the DC deposits and withdrawals going to be available at the rate of 1 is equal to 1 Chinese yen so the rate of USD to DC is about 6.5 yacht.

DC token from DragonEX

Onboarding option as well so you also have your new token this is where all these coins that are being investigated to do tokens. I just got put on the shank site they make sure that they’re solid. And they put him in the new categories this is Securities. A big focus year you’ve got charts by tradingview. You got 1 minute, 15 minute, 1 hour, 4 hour, one day. You also have your 5 minutes early you can go through all the tradingview indicators. Of really nice charging options which is very important so you’ve got your cells your buys and then follow your orders as they come in here. Your by area sell price the amount you want to sell same thing 25, 50, 75, 100% sell but the feast 0.1 maker 0.2 pretty much on fire with all the other exchanges.

DragonEX profile

Down here you have your open orders your open history your profile in the menu options. You got all your different menu options your assets by DC withdrawal DC history dividends votes. SuperLotto, Community vote excetera.

Under your account you’ll find your assets it’ll give you your account assets all your valuations order, history. You can go through and verify your ID here change your password. It’s also great to be able to invite your friends and people you’re familiar with. To try the exchange out this will give you your exclusive invitation link. That will help you earn Dragon tokens rewards and dividends. Are listed here API management market makers are attracted to this exchange. A lot of big fish or say dolphins, whales even in Dragon key.

Lottery rules at DragonEX

  • Duration: Long-term
  • During the activity, DragonEx will allocate 10% of DT (blocked for one year). Released in the previous day for marketing purpose into the rewards pool at 15:00, Singapore time (UTC+8) every day.
  • How to get chances for the lottery when the activity begins?A. For a new registered user, once you finish an initial deposit of any kind of token. You will get a chance for the lottery.B. You will get a chance for the lottery (up to once a week). When the service fees you paid hits 10 USDT every Tuesday.C. You will get a chance for the lottery if you invite one friend to join DragonEx. Who passes the Intermediate Authentication ID. Other activities.
  • The lottery rewards will be transferred to your account. Please check in the Bill.
  • DragonEx reserves the right to interpret the details of this activity.

Lottery has been in bed with DJ Lottery September 18th to started. Users can that multiple times again this run users with the most single lot value. They’re going to watch the community reach final strategy by inviting all Dragon token holders to participate in community decision. To realize community the idea is here too far as a community vote on things to improve the platform. And kind of this governance model so so they have a buyback obviously help the value as well. But the Dragon Foundation was officially established by DragonEX is going to be dedicated to make GTA are plants to the logical advancements.

Dragon token holding

So to enhance Dragon token holders confidence inflation has established so they decided to establish this September 10th. Knowledge popularization project discussion and policy analysis this is a bit Dragon Lottery. This is where you can win and get free dragon 35,000 click here to start. How do you play register as a new user and there’s an issue. I’ll deposit you get a chance for the lottery anytime your service fee paid kits 10 USD. You’ll get a chance for the lottery you also get a chance of the lottery. If you invite one friend to join Dragon exchange they passed the intermediate authentication we go over there Twitter they’ve been.

Demand marketplace about and I’m all the progress. We’ve made over the past several years and it excited to tell you a little bit about what’s coming up in the next year.

Start with this exchange

We started about five years ago bringing groups of students and executives. From overseas mostly China, Korea, United States for high-quality training. Which directly with Educators high quality education experiences and that’s really what the foundation of the platform. Is all about we have a number of use cases that look into identity. And look into and royalty identity through education and number of different cases that I heard you to take a look at our white paper.

Many times over even against a bear market we have signed partnership. With the number of big-name universe releasing very shortly but everyone can see all the good work that we’ve been doing as I mentioned. And will be live for all users and we’re really excited. About all the progress we’ve made us far so ultimately we’re excited to have. DragonEX users on the platform we’re excited for you to understand and learn more. About the toe and the question Telegram group. Ultimately we’re all in this to make a portal to make education more affordable verifiable. And transferable look forward to seeing you on the Telegram.

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