Doge Best Friends put cryptocurrencies at the service of animal welfare

With this philosophy, that of putting cryptocurrencies and blockchain at the service of animal welfare, the Doge Best Friends project was born a month ago , made up of a team of developers related to animal protection, application development and investment in digital assets with firm intention to become a benchmark in the world of animal rescue and protection and investment in cryptocurrencies.

Doge Best Friends

An initiative of Doge Best Friends with the blockchain at the service of animal welfare

For each purchase or sale of your Doge Best Friends token, you dedicate 2% of each transaction to making direct donations to international animal protection organizations . In its first day of life DBF has managed to make two donations.

One of $ 500 to help with veterinary costs to save the life of Friday, a dog found in a garbage dump in the province of Seville that was abandoned after being used for dogfighting.
And another of 1000 $ that has been destined to animal protectors of the island of La Palma , which is being hit by the eruption of a volcano that is forcing the evacuation of the entire population of the island and the transfer of hundreds of animals. to safe places where the animal protectors take care of them.

Mobile applications for animal shelter and charity NFTs

Soon the team plans to create a charitable NFT market with which with the sale of NFTs created by animal shelters and those donated by digital artists it is intended to raise more funds for donations, begin with the development of applications to facilitate the adoption of animals and management of animal protection organizations that will be sponsored by several companies related to food, veterinary care and accessories for animals , which will add value to the ecosystem and with which all investors will see their investment in this project rewarded.

Key dates:

End Q3 – Burning of 50% of the supply and reorganization of portfolios.
Q4 – External audit , launch of the NFT marketplace.
Q1 2,022 Launch of adoption application.

Links of interest:

DBF Token Contract: 0x65621806d98a3bb1ef664eb7789ef574477ef8ea
Official Website:
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