Cresio, the multi-exchange platform will reward XCRE token hodlers

The ILO of Cresio XCRE token has been completed and we now know that HODLing and staking will be rewarded.


The multi-exchange platform Cresio aims to revolutionise the market by allowing its users to interact with both centralised and decentralised exchanges. So far they have already announced Binance, CoinbasePro, Bittrex, JamonSwap, UniSwap and PancakeSwap exchanges.

This is a significant change for many traders who will be able to do advanced trading from a single platform, without having to open different browsers, pages or tabs for each of them.

Cresio platform features

Multi-Exchange, now traders and cryptocurrency users will not have to jump from one exchange to another to trade their favourite cryptocurrencies. It is very difficult for all exchanges to have all the crypto assets that come on the market almost every day.

Get quality and timely signals so as not to miss market opportunities.

Financial reports, history generation, graphs that we can download in a simple way to use them wherever we need.

The user will be able to create programmed alerts according to his interest and way of working. We will be able to receive notifications about new cryptocurrencies listed.

Updated information on markets and arbitrage, it is extremely important to have the latest data available.

In Cresio we will be able to create programmed buy, sell, stop-loss and even scalping operations. In addition, we also have the possibility of programming static and dynamic stop-loss orders, and even for continuous buy and sell futures.

cresio multi exchange

Cresio XCRE Token

Token name: Cresio
Abbreviation: XCRE
Total supply: 40.000.000 XCRE
Phase 1 ILO price: 1 Matic = 40XCRE (300 MATIC P/W)
ILO Phase 2 Price: 1 Matic = 20 XCRE (1500MATIC P/W)
Listed Price: 1 Matic = 16.5 XCRE
HardCap: 175,000 Matic
Sofcap: 75,000 Matic (Already exceeded)

XCRE will be the only payment method within the platform. Token created on the Polygon network (MATIC) which can also be staked to generate more profit passively.

cresio token xcre

XCRE Wallethold

During the first year you will be able to stake and receive an 8% annual APR. The duration of the stake is 12 months and you will be rewarded with 0.66% per month. It will be automatically blocked, but you will be able to leave at any time, deducting the remaining months to complete the year. You will also be able to stake LP liquidity tokens at 18% APR in the first year.

In the second year, Cresio will share 40% of the platform fees among the hodlers. Thirty percent will be split between XCRE stakers and 70% between LP liquidity tokens.

Cresio launches its own NFTs

These NFTs will be of 3 different types, bronze, silver and gold. Several NFTs will be raffled among XCRE hodlers and the rest will be available at auction on a marketplace.

Having these NFT will grant very interesting privileges for XCRE hodlers and users of the platform.

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