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Clevebet, CVB is the most robust betting platform based on Ethereum and Smart Contracts. While betting has become extremely popular, it still has a lot of flaws, including problems with security, unfair odds, exorbitant fees, unprofessional practices and low returns. Due to such problems, potential bettors turn to underground betting. Choosing CVB, you are guaranteed maximum security and transparency thanks to blockchain technology. It doesn’t involve any brokers, as players can make bets and earn a decent amount of cash. Smart Contracts secure funds and allocate winnings automatically on the basis of bet conditions and results. The whole process is completely decentralized, stable and self-regulatory. We strive to make our platform as convenient and effective as possible.

Why Choose CVB

Thanks to the Internet, online betting is now readily available to millions of people all over the world. That said, this type of betting system still has enough problems to deal with, and that’s why CVB was invented. Having a blockchain technology will certainly make betting a lot more enjoyable and profitable for the users.

CVB is a betting system that lets others bet on several events in tandem with other players without the need of a middleman. It operates as a secure and decentralized system based on Ethereum-linked Smart Contracts. Thus, even made you make is executed with the CVB.

CVB is renowned for its security, safety, accountability and usability. CVB is incredibly convenient and user-friendly. It even lets you start your bet for one or more events, set the least amount, or even share the winnings in many ways. Our users can also participate in the bet with their particular event predictions. Smart Contracts calculate the income by the end of the operation and distribute the CVB tokens as stated in the contract. Clevebet has many other advantages:

  • A very friendly customer support that is always ready to answer your questions;
  • Sophisticated gamification elements that make betting more entertaining;
  • Complete privacy;
  • Available on any device;
  • Solution-based, fast delivery platform backed by our trustworthy virtual token ERC-20 (CVB).
  • Three games different :
  1. Challenge Bet: The minimum prize of the game is $100,000 for the winner. When signing up, the players have 10 points and the rule is that players must find the way to increase the score to 1000 points within 7 days.
  2. Arena 100: Players will be able to play with each other in the form of making a deposit to any match chosen randomly by Clevebet. At the end of the match, Clevebet will base on the total number of points gained by players to rank and make rewards.
  3. Match of Arena: Similar to Arena 100, but Match of Arena does not limit the number of players. It has a rule to buy the tickets. Specifically, the players need to start to register before the game takes place 01 hour and finish this process within the first 15 minutes of the match.

CVB Solutions

In short, CVB solves the biggest problems of traditional betting by taking away the control from the betting company right into the hands of players. You can make any bets you want, set rules and can withdraw their funds in many ways. The whole process is completely decentralized, transparent and self-regulatory.

Blockchain technology enables the network to be run without an intermediary (who are the main source of structural problems and weaknesses in traditional systems). In addition to ensuring compliance with betting terms Smart Contracts also guarantee the protection of player’s funds. Only when a bet finishes will these funds be made available to the bet winner(s).

There are three main components of the CVB platform: CVB Token, CVB Protocol, and CVB Application Layer.

Main Characteristics of Clevebet Betting App

  • Round-the-clock wager on many teams;
  • An integrated player chat feature
  • Excellent characteristics such as group events and leaderboards;
  • All-embracing bet records and statistics;
  • A great number of banking options that are 100% secure;
  • A very simple interface. It will only take you a moment to figure out how the app works.

Pros of Using CVB

  • Simplicity of use. The emphasis is to make the system as easy as possible, so there is nothing complicated within the app. Our software is simple to use on any device;
  • Quick registration process. It only takes a few seconds to register and start using our software;
  • Security. Player funds are kept secure with Smart Contracts and are automatically sent to the winners during winnings;
  • No cheating. There is no way of cheating with the bets thanks to Smart Contract;
  • Keeping funds: Players have to keep their money in bookmakers accounts, and then withdraw their cash after winning. In case of CVB, you manage your funds in full and you can play directly from your crypto wallet;
  • Instant payouts. You can withdraw your earnings in less than a minute;
  • Endless winnings. There is no limit for the number of active players, and you can win as much money as you want;
  • Winnings bettors are very welcome. Unlike traditional bookmakers, we don’t restrict players who win too often;
  • Adequate fees. We don’t have any hidden fees whatsoever, and the only thing a player can be charged is for third-party services.

Token Sale Information

Participate in a token sale to earn money with CleverBet. After the official launch of CleverBet, 30% of the profit will be distributed monthly among token holders, which will guarantee an increase in their value.

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