BitMEX liquid 1500%

The BitMEX Bitcoin/USD products have more liquidity than any other platform. BitMEX’s Bitcoin dollar market is the best in the world.


100, is the number of audits per second. BitMEX’s engine continuously checks the balance and history of all accounts.

0 Bitcoin lost through intrusion or hacking. BitMEX exchange securely keeps all funds in the cold wallet.

BitMEX unique product

BitMEX offers up to 100 times leverage on Bitcoin contracts and high leverage for altcoin contracts.

Advanced API. Our trading engine uses the same technology used by investment banks and hedge funds.

Leading security. The exchange uses the latest multi-factor security mechanisms from the inside out. Safety is our number one priority.

Contract type that this exchange offers a variety of contract types. All contracts are purchased and paid in Bitcoin.

Only this exchange has a “sustainable contract” and a highly leveraged contract that never expires!



Bitcoin perpetual swaps, up to 100 times leverage, never expire, low cost!

UPs & DOWNs. Only a small portion of the price of the currency can participate in the market’s rise and fall, and there is no margin recovery/strong price.

ETH. Ethereum and classic Ethereum contracts, up to 50 times leverage!

How do I deposit funds? Under the Account tab, click on the Deposit link where you will be provided a multi-signature address to deposit Bitcoin. After 1 confirmation, funds will be credited to your account.

What is the Minimum Deposit to trade on BitMEX?

The minimum amount to trade on BitMEX varies from product to product depending on the Initial Margin. For XBTUSD (for example) it is $1 USD * 1% (Initial Margin) = $0.01. At a XBT/USD price of $600 this equals 0.00001667 XBT .

Does the exchange use a Hot Wallet? No, BitMEX stores all Bitcoin in a cold multi-signature wallet. See our Security Page for more information.

What is a cold multi-signature wallet? It is a Bitcoin wallet, stored offline that requires m of n signatures in order to spend any funds. In the case of BitMEX, it requires 2 of 3 partners to sign any transaction before funds may be spent.

Why does this exchange use multi-signature addresses? This is one of many theft prevention methods that exchange employs to ensure customer funds are kept secured.

When are Bitcoin withdrawals processed? The cutoff time for Bitcoin withdrawals is 13:00 UTC. Shortly after that, Bitcoin will be sent to the address you specified.

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